My shoes collection



I’ve carrying shoes for a while, and I am going to share some of my favorite style here. This pair of golden sequence pumps has an elegant designed looking and easy to match either fancy night going out dress or urban fashion style. Sometimes I would put on with jeans and a designed tank top when I  go out to have dinner or movie. I feel this would mix with a casual and a sexy looking. And the other times, When I go on a night event, I would put on with a little black dress to make it look more feminine and refined.

This is a pretty high heels with 8 inches heel height but with 2 inches front platform, so it doesn’t feel have difficulty to walk for some who have already used to wear high heels.  To people who don’t wear super high heels frequently, I recommend wearing this type of high heels when you don’t need to walk a lot.












winter shoes out, spring shoes in

It’s time to put on my shoes for spring. last Sunday, weather was really nice, and I couldn’t wait to put on my new shoes. while I was thinking what outfit should I put on with this blue shining flat shoes, soddenly, I saw there is a blue strip circular skirt lying on my drawer. And what it would be good for matching my blue skirt, which is a red top. Then, this would be my outfit for the day. I really like this shining blue shoes because of the golden owl and a piece of metal in front, it stands out its style and doesn’t look boring.

This shoes is on sale now, only $35, so if you like this shoes, click this link to find more information at Melili Boutique 

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The skin care you may like for Anti Aging for spring

Weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to switch light facial cream or lotion. We know summer we use light weight and winter we use very moisture skin care according to you type of skin. If you are using same type of skin care for all year, you may need to change at least for two seasons, because your skin condition may be changing due to the different temperature like too hot, too cold or too dry.

. Last week I was looking for facial cream, and discovered a brand named Laneige, which made by Korean company. I knew this brand when it launched at 2002, but for somehow I wasn’t really pay attention back in Taiwan. The products emphasis moisture that giving your facial skin more water, and preserved skin’s moisture brier. In age 35, I think I really need something to keep my skin younger, so I tried couple different types of functional product on my back of hand to see how fast and how much it will absorb , and the final decision is anti aging one Perfect Renew Emulsion. Actually I was comparing with Balance Emulsion and I found Perfect Renew Emulsion gives more moisture.

It has been a week, how do I feel about this product? When I at the shop I applied on my back of hand, at home, of course I apply on my face. It says this lotion infused with Caramide Corrective Water, the texture is like between serum and lotion, so after applying on my face I can feel after few minutes my facial skin still stay in moisture and my face looks bright all day.



Del toro cute shoes

del-toro-spring-2014-fish-bones-loafersI recently discovered very cute shoes the brand is Del Toro. Their shoes look very conferrable, but also look fashionable. It’s like you can get the trendy look, and at same time feeling conferrable.In some city, where you have to walk a lot, wearing high heels might not be the best option, or you just want have a casual look but not too plan. I think Del Toro may be your choice.   You even can customized  the patten you like on the shoes. Look at these massage icon on the shoes, isn’t adorable? If you ever bought their shoes, please feel free to share!!

You may like this style



My new shinning high heels


I finally got my new pair of shoes at Can’t wait to share with everyone. Sometimes I was thinking, having a shinning and unique style shoes would sick of it easily? or how many times I would actually wear it. So I went look my wardrobe to see what possible styles I can create. Then, the first idea came to my mind is sexy and elegant style. I guess this is my favorite style.

In the first picture, the shinning orange shoes would be the majority topic. I simply mach this bling bling high heels with a piece of fitted black dress. ( I tried to put dress, which is not fitting tightly, but it doesn’t look the style what I want.)

圖片 35

If you like this shinning high heels please go visit




I feel it may be look different in cute style with a head band. I bought this head band for a while, but haven’t had chance to use it. Now I look more naughty or much younger .




Coming back!! Mandy’s closet.

I recently found that I haven’t really dress up myself for a while, not saying like fancy one but casual sexy outlook. So I decided to put some of my ideas for the style I like and taking photos. This is going to be forces on my shoes that I collected in 10 years. Some of them I still keep then like new. I guess that’s what collector would do it “having them but wear them less”.








25 ways for wearing scarf

Are you ready for this winter? it seems not so cold this year. but still, scarf will be important to add something in your fashion style. we don’t want to have the same style for wearing our pretty scarfs all the time, it may look boring. So I’m going to share a video that teach you how to stand out your scarf style. some of styles you may already seen, but some not. And, we may not to remember all the styles, that’s why we need this video to remind us there are many ways to wear scarfs. Or for some people, If you feel you’ve ran out of idea for wearing scarf,you definitely will get more inspiration. The Video will teach you 25 ways to wear your scarf step by step. Let’s get started.
























clubbing or night events outfitts

It’s been a while since last time I went to clubs. couple weeks ago, I went to club for a friend’s birthday. While I was thinking what to wear, I saw a one-shoulder little black dress in my wardrobe. “Yes, it will be the one for the sexy night” I said. This little black dress I have only wore once.  It is a tightly fitted dress, and shows my body curve obviously. For that night, I didn’t eat too much because I was afraid my belly would be huge and I would looked like a little frog. However, the ruched lotus leaves along with the one shoulder make this dress looks romantic. I put on a pair of pearl earring that  color are black and white and string together. I also had a black bracelet with some gold color decoration. You may wonder, the dress is already black, why I didn’t go with accessories that is bright color.  Sometimes I just want to stay in low key, but it will not lose any charm. Last, I had bronze open toe high heels.

I found some similar style dresses that I would like to wear for going to clubs. They all look simple, maybe with a few decorations, but they are pretty tightly fitted. If you have a sexy body curve, they will be your best friends for clubbing. If you don’t, that’s ok. You can choose same style, but maybe not so tight fitted dress.  I like to buy tight fitting dress a lot because it will give me a warning that I gain weight, so I could be more cautious for my weight. I might not be happy when I find that I can’t fit all my press dresses anymore. That would be a disaster to me.

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P.s. All the dresses and accessories are from forever 21. clutches are from Gucci.

Biore new Sunblocks

When summer comes, you can see  lots of people eating outside, laying down at beach, and enjoying with the sunbath. I like going to beach at weekend, finding a good spot for taking nap and get suntan. Sometimes I check out gorgeous people to observe how people rock out their beach outfitter. After receiving vitamin E from gorgeous sun, it’s time to get into water. North Atlantic Sea is freezing; it gets me to adapt cold water for a while. Finally, I compromised to water, playing beach ball in the water. Whenever I see people trying to walk into water, the first word throw out is, “it’s freezing”, just like me. But this is a good idea to cool down my body from heat.

While taking sunbath, sunblocks is the most impotent weapon against UV. There are many kinds of product of sunblocks out there, which one is the most comfortable? People don’t like creamy touch prefer spray; other people prefer lotion with clean feel. I personally like lotion because I feel it is absorbable compare with spry.  Last year, I went back to Taiwan to visit family, I found new a product of UV protector. It says aqua rich, so I decided to give it a try. Amazingly, it is liquid lotion texture just like serum, and I feel I just water my skin. Because of its westerly texture, it cools down my body heat as well. I think this summer I won’t feel sticky anymore.

If I just go out in the city I use this one.

This one definitely for going to beach.

Ps. All bikini from Mango